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welcome to Rely Industries

pioneering the
future of contracting

pioneering the
future of contracting

Founded in 2004 in the UAE and expanding to KSA in 2013, RELY Industries has emerged as a prominent regional leader in architectural design, engineering, project management, and production. Our core expertise lies in the design and construction of rapid-deployment pop-up & mega structures, comprehensive turnkey fit-outs, intricate 3D thematic installations, captivating exhibitions, bespoke wedding and special event creations and tailored display and retail furniture. Operating from state-of-the-art facilities in both the UAE and KSA, we infuse every project with creativity, precision, and innovative solutions.
What sets Rely Industries apart is our capability to serve as your ultimate one-stop solution. We possess the capability to conceptualize, engineer, produce, oversee, and execute any project, spanning from its inception to final invoicing, and we accomplish this with unparalleled efficiency. Our distinct advantage lies in our innovative engineering methods and advanced prefabrication techniques, all meticulously carried out within a controlled factory environment to guarantee unwavering quality.
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Next-Gen Partner

At Rely Industries, we redefine contracting as your innovative Next-Gen partner, delivering projects with unrivaled efficiency, quality, and sustainability from our advanced self-owned factories in the UAE and KSA.





and innovation

Rely Industries envisions leading as the Next-Gen contractor across the UAE and KSA, pioneering innovation, speed, and commitment while championing sustainability in the industry. We aspire to become a symbol of reliability and innovation, harnessing cutting-edge technology in self-owned factories to redefine construction possibilities and set enduring industry standards for future generations.

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These values serve as the foundation upon which we build our reputation & success

These values serve as the foundation upon which we build our reputation & success

01 / Innovation

We are committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the contracting industry. We embrace innovation as a driving force behind our solutions, always seeking new and better ways to deliver excellence.

02 / Efficiency

Efficiency is at the core of everything we do. We strive to complete projects with maximum efficiency, saving time and resources while delivering superior results.

03 / Quality

Uncompromising quality is non-negotiable. We take pride in delivering projects of the highest quality, exceeding industry standards and client expectations.

04 / Sustainability

We are dedicated to sustainability in all aspects of our operations. From operating solar-powered green factories to prioritizing recyclable materials, we aim to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future.

05 / Commitment

Our commitment to our clients and the industry is unwavering. We are steadfast in our dedication to delivering exceptional results, fostering trust, and setting enduring standards.

06 / Reliability

We aim to be a symbol of reliability, consistently delivering on our promises and commitments. Clients can Rely on us as their trusted partner for all their contracting needs.

07 / Inclusivity

We value diversity and inclusivity, welcoming varied perspectives and talents to drive innovation and success in our organization.

08 / Continuous Improvement

We believe in continuous improvement, constantly striving to enhance our processes, technologies, and services to remain at the forefront of the contracting industry.

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