Fast Track Contracting

In an industry where new materials and technologies are changing rapidly, we ensure that we stay on the cutting-edge, allowing us to consistently deliver world-class products in record-breaking time and to the highest standards.

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This approach allows for swift project mobilization, making it suitable for time-sensitive projects or situations where prompt action is required, such as emergency repairs.


Fast Track Contracting offers flexibility in project execution. It allows for adjustments and modifications during the construction phase, accommodating changes in design or scope.

Cost Savings

Expedited project schedules in Fast Track Contracting can lead to cost savings. Early project completion may result in reduced labor and material costs, as well as minimized financing expenses.


By reducing bureaucratic processes and streamlining decision-making, Fast Track Contracting enhances the project's responsiveness to evolving requirements and stakeholder feedback.

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Bujairi 2023

Project Phases, Fast Track Contracting typically involves overlapping project phases, including design, procurement, and construction.

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